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The world’s most amazing coach journeys

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Every mode of transport has certain locations in which it truly comes into its own. For cars, it’s Route 66 in the US; for helicopters, it’s the Grand Canyon (US) or Africa’s Victoria Falls; for trains, it’s any route on the Orient Express. Cyclists may favour Amsterdam or the French countryside, while those with sea legs might say that exploring…

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Organising coach hire for corporate days out

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The corporate day out: a chance to impress colleagues, schmooze potential customers and outdo your competitors. From team-building activities and client dinners to networking events and large-scale conferences, corporate days out are an essential part of any business. Whether you’re organising the event or are just in charge of getting everyone there and back, you’re going to need a reliable…

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Travel By Coach

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Everyone on the planet has a carbon footprint. It’s a rough measure of the impact we place on the environment due to our day to day activities. As we’ve develop new technologies, and continued to use fossil fuels, our carbon footprint has increased. Individually, we all have a responsibility to keep our carbon footprint in check, and do whatever we…

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Planning a ‘staycation’? See Britain by coach

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In these austerity times, more and more people are warming to the idea of a ‘staycation’ – taking your holiday in the UK, rather than flying abroad. Even though holidaying in Britain was very much the norm in the 1970s and 1980s, most people today see a vacation in a foreign country as the most worthwhile holiday option. Now that…

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Taking the Company on a Team-Building Weekend? Take a Coach!

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Companies often embrace team-building weekends whenever a new project starts, or has been successfully completed. Team building can be used when a business wants to boost the morale of its employees. A team-building event can encourage beneficial working relationships, as they often feature competitive or collaborative aspects (or both) that help get people used to working with each other away…

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