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Coach Travel Safety

Coach travel facts: The truth about coach trips from the experts

Coach travel myths busted

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Some people are still put off by coach travel because of how they remember it being decades ago – cramped, stuffy and uncomfortable. And so some young people also aren’t keen on it because of what their parents have told them. But, nowadays, coach travel is so different! It is a popular transport option for holidays, short breaks, school trips,…

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Modern coach travel is safer than you may think

Why coach travel is one of the safest modes of transport

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Travelling by coach is one of the safest ways you can get from A to B. With enhanced security features, extensive driver training, ever-improving vehicle technology and strict international regulations, coaches are perfectly designed to safely transport high volumes of passengers across large distances. In fact, statistically, coaches and buses are a lot safer than cars, motorbikes, trams and bicycles…

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How coach travel has evolved into a luxury mode of transport

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Clean, spacious, energy-efficient, comfortable: all of these words can be used to describe modern coach travel. An increased awareness of environmental issues and customer satisfaction has seen coaches evolve significantly over the last decade. The stuffy, cramped and pollution-spewing vehicles of the 20th century have been overtaken by luxurious green fleets that provide affordable and convenient alternatives to trains, cars…

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How Coach Travel Has Changed in the Last 50 Years

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Coach travel first became a craze with the UK’s holidaymakers in the 1960s, when people first began to feel the stresses and strains of work. People felt more of a need to take an annual seaside holiday to relax and get away from it all. However, cars and plane were still seen as something of a luxury, so the coach…

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Why Choose the Coach Over Train, Plane or Automobile?

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Over the years, coach travel has been seen as a second place option by many seasoned travellers. Coaches have gained a reputation as being hot, stuffy and uncomfortable, yet the reality of modern coach trips is very different. Here are some good reasons to choose the coach. Coach Travel is Affordable Every year, the cost of train travel increases, and…

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Choosing the Right Coach Company: Reliability and More

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When you search for a coach company to handle those long journeys, you’ll want to find a service that you can stick with long term. Once you’re settled with one provider, changing to another can be disruptive, and it often pays to build up a relationship with a company that’s right for you. At Mayday Travel, we realise that many…

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Our Coach Trips Transport You In Luxury… Here’s How

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Think of a coach trip and you might think of a rather unappealing image. TV sitcoms have portrayed coaches as stuffy and uncomfortable, and some British coach companies use very old vehicles, making journeys hot, smelly and prone to delays. That’s not the case with Mayday Travel. In fact, those stereotypes about coach travel couldn’t be further from the truth….

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Safety First with MayDay Travel Coaches

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Right. You’ve made the decision, and you and your friends are finally going to go on that trip that you’ve been promising yourselves for ages. Taking a coach makes such good sense. It means that none of you have to drive, worry about the parking and who pays what to whom for petrol, and even better, everyone gets to socialise….

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