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Come rain or shine, a coach will get you where you need to go. Drivers are highly trained to deal with a wide range of weather conditions – adverse or otherwise. Whether you’re going on your summer holiday, a day trip during the ‘April showers’ season, or a winter getaway, it is highly likely that your coach will continue to operate, even if the weather is bad. So, stop looking sadly out the window at the rain and just sit back and enjoy your coach journey!

Coach travel guides: coach trips in all weathers| Mayday TravelIce? Snow problem!

There are some weather conditions that require extra care when driving – for example, fog, ice, snow, high winds or heavy rain. Unless these are extreme (as in, a Met Office warning has been issued), then your coach journey will likely still be going ahead as planned. Coach drivers have been thoroughly trained in dealing with adverse weather conditions and know exactly how to adapt their driving to cope with poor visibility or slippery road surfaces. In some circumstances, this may mean that your journey time is slightly longer than planned, but the coach operator will do their best to keep you informed of any changes to the schedule before and during your journey, so that you can adapt the rest of your plans accordingly.

Cosy up in the rain

Some people find driving in heavy rain quite stressful, which is why it’s nice to be snuggled up in a coach while someone else does the driving. With your coach driver at the helm, you can sit back with a good book or some music and relax as the rain hammers on the windows – or even have a bit of a snooze! Wherever you’re going, you can rest assured that you will arrive feeling more relaxed than if you’d driven yourself or travelled on public transport.

Severe weather conditions

There are some very rare instances where it simply would not be safe to travel. If the Met Office has issued a red warning, for example, then the weather conditions will be too severe for coaches to operate safely. Whenever this is the case, your coach operator will try to give you as much warning as possible to ensure that you can rearrange your plans accordingly.

Here at Mayday Travel, we do everything we can to keep our coaches running, whatever the weather. If you have any questions about our coach hire services, simply contact us today.