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Book a coach for your summer holiday travel

By 1st August 2016October 14th, 2016Coach Travel, Short Breaks
Get away from it all by travelling by coach

Get away from it all by travelling by coach

Are you dreaming of fresh sea air and sunlit sands? Perhaps the English countryside is more your thing. Or maybe you’re hoping to venture over to Europe this summer. Wherever you want your summer holiday to take you, don’t be held back by your choice of transport. There’s nothing worse than having to cart heavy luggage from bus to bus, or running to make connections because your train was delayed. Travelling by coach allows you to sit back, relax and let the driver do all the hard work. It’s a great way to start your holiday.

Enjoying some time to yourself?

Sometimes you just need to take a holiday on your own. You get to decide on your own itinerary, and you don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone else. But if you’re nervous about travelling alone, need to save some money, or don’t want to coordinate complicated travel plans, then booking a place on a coach is an ideal option. Your driver will take you from A to B: all you have to do is pack your bag, and turn up with your ticket. With plenty of other passengers on board, you’ll feel completely safe (and won’t have to worry about getting lost!).

Take the stress out of visiting the continent

Going abroad for your holiday is great, but sometimes getting to Europe is a real hassle – using up all your energy and enthusiasm before your holiday even starts. If you’re in a big group, then travelling by coach is by far the most affordable, convenient and practical way to visit the continent. A coach or minibus will cost you a fraction of what you’d pay for individual flight or ferry tickets, and the only difference is that your journey might take a bit longer (though, when you’re travelling through the night – as many coach operators do – you hardly notice the length).

The best part is that, once you’re on, you’re on: your driver will take you straight to your destination. If you’ve booked a private coach for your group, you can even get picked up from your house, or another convenient pick-up point. The coach operator will arrange the route and the crossing, and advise you on any documents that you might need for the journey.

Travelling by coach means that you can focus on enjoying your well-earnt summer holiday. Contact us at Mayday Travel today, and our friendly team will help you choose the best option to suit your plans.