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Top event planning and travel options often go hand in hand, especially when you need to impress. Whether you’re hosting a corporate function this season or your staff are attending a Summer event, it’s vital that travel arrangements are considered as part of the planning process. This is especially important if you have clients to impress or want to present the best image of your company and its employees.

Here are our top tips to ensuring any Summer corporate events you’re attending are remembered for the right reasons.

Corporate event travel guides - organise transfers for your Summer eventOrganise Travel Both to and from the Venue

There are a wealth of corporate events happening each Summer, whether it’s a networking seminar taking place in the day or treating your clients and staff to a night out at a fancy location or sporting event. Whatever the function you need to get to, don’t just consider how to get guests there. Putting on return transfers is equally as important, especially if all staying in a hotel together or returning to work later in the day. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a private transport company who has a reputation for excellence in their field, helping large groups reach their destination on schedule and picking them up at the most convenient time.

Don’t Forget about Comfort

The transport you organise for your team or clients should reflect the high standards you expect as a business. It’s not only important that vehicles look professional but are a pleasure to experience too. Choose smart, luxury vehicles such as coaches for large groups or minibuses for smaller parties which are spacious, air-conditioned, clean, comfortable and relaxing to spend time in. Helping your employees travel as one group ensures they arrive together, motivated and feeling refreshed before the event begins.

Impress Your Clients

A well-organised event with convenient travel options shows clients you value them as partners to your business and may even encourage them to attend your event if they know they’re being looked after. Choose first-class, executive style coaches to project the right image and set the right tone for the day while offering a door to door service for easy transfers. If you’re transporting staff to an event, it also ensures they look as professional and smart as when they left the office. Say goodbye to crumpled suits and dresses after a cramped, hot journey via public transport in the Summer.

Find a Company Specialising in Corporate Transfers

When searching for the right vehicle hire company, look for one who offers corporate travel as a service. They’ll work closely with you to find the right option for your needs, from carefully planning routes and scheduling to identifying a vehicle which suits the size of your party. Large double-decker buses can seat up to 80 passengers each or for smaller groups, minibuses can be hired which transfer between 8 and 16 individuals. Planning with an experienced company will also help you select the most cost-efficient option, saving your business time and money.

Need more expert advice?

Here at Mayday Travel, we specialise in quality private coach hire services across London and the UK, working closely with businesses to meet their requirements in any way we can. For more information, contact our experienced team about your Summer corporate event now.  We have vehicles regularly serving Mayfair, Islington and Crystal Palace.