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Travel by coach this ChristmasThere’s something magical about travelling during the Christmas period. You might be going home to visit family for Christmas Day or Boxing Day, or travelling to see friends for New Year’s Eve. Maybe you’re off on a winter holiday to Europe, to indulge in the Christmas culture overseas. It all sounds perfect, until you switch on the travel news: track works are disrupting your rail route and workers are on strike at the airports. On top of this, across the festive period, ticket prices for planes and trains are at an all-time high due to demand.

Travelling by coach is a reliable, hassle-free and affordable way to get to and from your chosen destination at Christmas and New Year. Here are just some of the benefits.

A relaxing journey home

Christmas is supposed to be filled with fun, laughter and plenty of lazy moments. Travelling by coach means that you can really chill out on your journeys to and from home, rather than having to drive yourself or navigate public transport. You will turn up feeling refreshed and ready to celebrate, rather than being in desperate need of a festive brandy!

Save money by travelling on a coach

Travel fares always go up over Christmas, and can often by eye-wateringly expensive if you forget to book them in advance. Coach travel, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper than using a train or a plane. While train operators might see the demand in tickets as an opportunity to put the prices up (without actually changing the timetable to suit the increase in passengers), coach hire companies keep their ticket prices at the same affordable rate during busy periods.

No unnecessary delays

If the words ‘delays’ and ‘cancellations’ fill you with dread, coach travel is the perfect option. It is an incredibly reliable form of transport – our coach drivers always turn up on time, and do everything in their power to ensure the coach reaches its destination at the scheduled arrival time. While traffic delays are, of course, beyond coach operators’ control, the drivers’ knowledge of the road network (and their access to real-time travel information) means that they can find the best alternative route if they foresee any issues.

Going away?

Of course, you might not be seeing family at Christmas – you may be taking a trip to Europe to go skiing, for example. Travelling by coach will ensure you get the most out of your winter trip, and enjoy an affordable and stress-free Christmas.

Contact us at Mayday Travel today to find out more about travelling by coach in London or elsewhere in the UK this Christmas and New Year.