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There is nothing worse than being stuck on a train platform in the cold and wet, looking at a departures screen that is littered with the words ‘cancelled’ and ‘delayed’. When the train eventually turns up, it is so crowded that there is nowhere to stand but awkwardly under the arm of another passenger, making for a long and uncomfortable journey. Commuters all across the country are suffering from the unreliability and inefficiency of train services. If this sounds familiar, then you could travel by coach to avoid the pre- and post-work stress.

The benefits of travelling to work by coach

Take the coach to avoid crowded trains

Avoid crowded trains

Nowadays, catching the train to work goes hand in hand with feeling rushed, stressed and frustrated in the morning, and utterly drained when you get home at night. When you travel to work by coach, these negative feelings can be reduced. For a start, you know when your coach is going to arrive, and you know that you will get a seat on it. This leaves you in a more focused state of mind and able to deal with the challenges that your day at work has in store. Travelling by coach also means that you can arrive at work looking as presentable as when you left the house, as you have enough space to sit comfortably and not be crammed against other passengers, and have air-conditioning to keep you feeling fresh and at a reasonable temperature. All in all, you’ll arrive at work feeling ready for the day.

Rise in demand for commuter coaches

According to a study by a large UK coach operator, there has been a significant increase in the number of passengers travelling by coach between Southampton and London Waterloo, due to rail disruption and upgrades at Waterloo station. Advanced bookings for the route for September, October and November were up 20 per cent at the time of the report, and the South West in general has experienced a 20 per cent rise in demand for coach travel.

Getting teams to work on time

There are a number of reasons that a train could be delayed or cancelled. There is a tree on the line; the driver hasn’t turned up; a train has broken down on the track. It doesn’t matter what the excuse is, the impact on business is the same – one or more members of staff will be late or will not be able to get into work, causing potentially damaging disruption to the day’s schedule. A coach offers a truly reliable means of transport during rush hour or at any  time of the day – getting teams where they need to be at the time they need to be there.

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