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Attending a music festival is one of the best things about spring and summer, creating opportunities to see some legendary performances while having fun as a group. Arranging everything you need can be a logistical nightmare, so hiring a private coach or minibus to get you there and back is one of the most hassle-free transfer options to get to and fro from your festival. Here are some top tips to follow.

Organise how to get to and from your music festival this spring or summer. Find out why booking a private coach or minibus provides hassle free transfers. Comfortable vehicles, drop-off & pickup services and plenty of space.How to Get to the Festival

Once you’ve booked your tickets, it’s important to look at the best ways to get to the venue as they can be varied in terms of where they’re being held. Events in the South East such as Hampton Court Palace Festival have designated parking, whereas British Summer Time in Hyde Park (with great attractions in nearby Mayfair) doesn’t have a drop-off or pickup point on site. Therefore, it’s important to think about how you’ll get there and back. For those that can’t face piling onto hot and crowded public transport, the ideal choice is to ask an experienced coach hire company to organise suitable locations to drop you off at.

Travelling in Comfort

Not every festival is a one-day occasion with events such as Reading Festival in Berkshire and Glastonbury known for revellers camping overnight for several days. If you’ve booked to stay onsite, the worst thing would be to arrive already uncomfortable from the stressful journey. Private coaches and minibuses are luxury vehicles with comfortable seating, plenty of spaces for your luggage and air con, helping you to relax and get into the party spirit. On the way back, you won’t have to worry about a thing, being picked up and taken either home, to your designated drop-off point or to your next mode of transport (if travelling by train, for example). Whether opting for a festival transfer or a full journey, many find it the most stress-free option.

Benefits of Group Travel

The roads around events are often busy when it comes to festivals, so taking several cars can be both tiresome and expensive, not to mention the challenges in trying to find each other at the festival if you’re arriving at different times. In fact, after attending a music event, the last thing on many people’s minds is driving the long journey home. Save hassle and costs by travelling as a group. Your driver will know the fastest routes to get you there on time, organise the best spots to park beforehand and leave plenty of space for all your belongings so that you can pack all the essentials you need for a comfortable festival stay.

Plan Your Festival Transfers Now

If you’ve purchased tickets to an upcoming festival, book your coach or minibus now with Mayday Travel. We cover a wide area of London, Surrey and the South East, including Ealing, Lewisham and Dulwich. Get in touch to arrange your festival travel now.