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There’s nothing worse than coming back from a glorious holiday and having to drag your luggage from bus to bus and train to train (and then walk it home!). It is hardly the relaxing end to a holiday that we all hope for. So, you might like to consider arranging a coach or minibus shuttle service to get you to and from the airport, train station or port in comfort and with efficiency. Here’s everything you need to know about arranging a shuttle coach.

Holiday transfer coach hire: how to find a UK shuttle bus | Mayday TravelPassenger numbers

Depending on how many of you are travelling, you can choose from a number of different vehicles and sizes. Most transfers require a people-carrier (which sits up to eight people) or a minibus (which sits up to 16 people). However, if the trip is a school holiday or a business excursion, then you may need a larger vehicle like a mini coach (for up to 34 people), a coach (which can sit up to 49 people) or even a double-decker bus (suitable for 80 people!). When you contact the coach operator, they can advise you on which vehicle you will need.

Travel times

You will need to provide the coach operator with details of your departure and arrival times, as this will enable them to determine suitable pick-up and drop-off times. Coach operators have expert knowledge of the road network so they will be able to navigate any delays with efficiency, and they will also take any travel news into account when planning the journey.

Travel in comfort and arrive relaxed

Going on holiday can actually be quite stressful, what with flights to catch, remembering to pack your passport and tickets, and generally just worrying about whether everything is going to go smoothly. Arranging for a coach to take you to and from the airport, port or train station takes away a fair amount of this stress, leaving you to concentrate on the other aspects of your journey. With a coach transfer, you can rest assured that you will get to your destination in plenty of time to check in, find your departure gate and maybe even get a drink or a bite to eat before your plane, train or boat leaves. Hopefully, this will mean that you arrive on holiday feeling relaxed, composed and ready to enjoy yourself!

Mayday Travel offers reliable and affordable holiday transfers for groups of all sizes. Contact us today to find out more or to book your travel. Believe us, you’ll thank yourself later!