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Why Hire a Coach to Get to the Airport?

By 15th February 2016October 14th, 2016Coach Travel, Events Travel
Get to the airport by coach, start your holiday early!

Get to the airport by coach, start your holiday early!

If anything can put a downer on an exciting summer holiday, it’s the cost and hassle of parking at an airport. Often, people book super-cheap flights on a whim, and then panic when they find out the cost of parking is more than the price of the journey.

Assembling a family group at an airport, and finding the right shuttle bus, can create panic and confusion at the last minute when you should be preparing to relax. Next time you go on holiday, wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated coach, just for you?

Chaos at the airport

How many times have you wasted the first day of a holiday, because you’re so tired when you get to your destination? We tend to forget how stressful airports can be, and if you’re travelling in a large group, it can be exhausting.

First, there’s the panic of getting there on time, so half the family arrives two hours before the rest. Cue frantic phone calls to figure out when everyone else will arrive. The shuttle bus takes 10 minutes to turn up, and seems to stop a hundred times on the way. By the time you’ve completed check-in, the kids are playing up and you’re just about ready to collapse.

The beauty of an airport coach is that the route is designed for your family. You decide where the pick-ups are; we can visit everyone’s house and get them from the doorstep. No need to cram your bags into the car or coordinate your journey over the phone. When the last pick-up is done, that’s the hard work over; just sit back, relax and enjoy the beginning of your holiday.

We’re here to get you there

When you’re travelling with kids, you need to know that your transportation is comfortable. All of our vehicles are air conditioned, and we have restrooms on board, so you won’t need to stop off on the way. Your driver has already planned the route because they know the terminal and departure time. Take some snacks and games, and enjoy socialising with the family as you chat about exciting times ahead.

Coach hire sounds rather extravagant, but it needn’t be expensive. We will supply a vehicle that’s big enough for your party and your luggage, without going overboard, so you don’t pay more than you need. In the majority of cases, coach hire is much cheaper than the combined cost of airport parking and fuel, with the luxury of being entirely stress-free.

Why choose Mayday Travel?

Mayday Travel has been offering London coach hire services for many years, and we take our responsibilities seriously. Whether we’re taking people to airports, sports fixtures, music festivals or weddings, our professionalism is second to none.

All of our drivers are DBS checked, and they’re there to make your journey fun and relaxing. But we all take health and safety extremely seriously. Your coach will never be left unattended if any member of your family is on board, and the driver will not deviate from the route unless we’ve got permission from a manager.

Mayday Travel’s coach trips are luxurious and affordable, and we can’t wait to welcome you on board. Say goodbye to the cost and hassle of parking at the airport. Book your transfer with us today.