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80 Seat Double Deck Bus

Our 80-seat double-decker bus is a great option for any situation where a large number of people need to be transported safely, efficiently and affordably – for example, emergency replacement services, large-scale transfers, private coach hire, school coach hire and shuttle services. Our bus is perfect for any clients who are looking to maximising seating capacities and minimise their transport costs.

Our 80-seat bus has an attractive light-blue exterior and a smart, comfortable interior. Just like the other vehicles in our fleet, our bus is designed to be as fuel-efficient as possible, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

There are 33 seats on the lower deck and 47 seats on the upper deck, all of which are equipped with lap belts for safety. The upper and lower decks are connected by a staircase with a safety rail.

Our knowledgeable and experienced drivers have extensive knowledge of the road network, which means that they are able to navigate unexpected delays with great efficiency – doing their absolute best to always get passengers to their destinations on time.

  • 80 seats (33 lower deck & 47 upper deck)
  • Fully seat belted (lap belts)