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5 Affordable Coach Trips to Europe and Beyond

By 16th November 2014October 15th, 2016Coach Travel, Day Trips, Short Breaks

It can be easy to forget about life’s little luxuries during hard times. However, even if you are tightening your belt and watching the pennies, life should not just be about the essentials. Everyone needs a break now and again, and there’s no better way to take your mind off the daily grind than a holiday.

If this sounds good to you, but you’re concerned that your finances won’t stretch far enough, then why not consider a coach trip? Coach trips are one of the most affordable types of holiday to take. What’s more, you don’t have worry about travel logistics as it’s all arranged for you!

Here are five affordable coach trips to Europe and beyond for you to consider.

Kitzbuhel Resort, Austria

When you think of Austria, towering snow-topped mountains, criss-crossed with ski resorts is probably the first thing that springs to mind. However, there’s much more to Austria than skiing. The country becomes quite temperate in the summer, making it a great summertime destination too. The Kitzbuhel Resort is in Austria’s beautiful Lake District and is crowned by a ring of tall peaks. It is close enough to Innsbruck to make an exploration of that city’s fine architecture possible. The route may also take you through Bavaria, where you can sample some genuine German hospitality.

Lake Garda, Italy

This picturesque lake is the largest fresh-water lake in Italy, and is surrounded by some of the country’s finest wine making regions and ancient castles. The lake is within reach of the historic and beautiful city of Verona, and is not too far from Venice, where you can enjoy a gondola ride around the canals, and view sights such as the Bridge of Sighs and St Mark’s Square.

The Swiss Lakes

Switzerland is another country known for its winter ski resorts, but its marvellous alpine lakes are just as much of an attraction, where mirror-perfect surfaces reflect a cloud-free, blue summer sky. Summertime in Switzerland lets you visit many of the wonderful vineyards that cluster around Lake Geneva, or take a tour of the capital city, Berne, without being chilled to the bone.

Amager & Zealand, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is built across two islands, just off the Danish mainland. Zealand may be only the 96th largest island in the world, but it is home to almost half the population of the country. Some of the best that city life can offer exists in abundance in Copenhagen. If you take a trip to Copenhagen, be sure to take time to see the statue of the Little Mermaid and the Tivoli amusement park.

More Information

If this has whetted your appetite for an affordable coach holiday, why not contact Mayday Travel and see what fantastic excursions we offer?